Today, more than 95% of the world's global trade is delivered through sea shipping. Because ocean shipping is a more economical choice for businesses and individuals looking for a cost-effective delivery solution for large and bulky items.

HP Global provides ocean freight services, we have the expertise and experience to help you handle your shipments, taking the shipping process step-by-step. Our job is to make sure your goods are shipped quickly - at the right time - at the right place - safely

HPG has always been focused on developing strong long-term partnerships with all major shipping lines to ensure prompt services and global reach to our customers. This means our customers get cost-effective solutions and space flexibility.

Effective communication, specific advice, attention to detail and flexible behavior in all situations - that's how we work and deliver total customer satisfaction


+/ Consulting on customs clearance procedures and international shipping
+/ Quotation with the most optimal cost
+/ Support to check documents and goods information before exporting
+/ Customs declaration service
+/ Carry out procedures to apply for C/O
+/ Pick up goods to the warehouse and deliver to the warehouse
+/ Fumigation, quarantine, etc.


+/ Receive shipment information, advise on import procedures and provide the best shipping quote
+/ Support to check documents and goods information before importing
+/ Receive goods at foreign warehouses, carry out export procedures through a strong agent system in other countries
+/ Register all kinds of permits, fast customs declaration to bring goods to the warehouse as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost
+/ Announcement of cosmetics, dietary supplements, quality control, ....