The world is increasingly integrated and international trade is growing. With the integration deeper and deeper, the world economy and social needs are growing; Import and export demand of Vietnamese enterprises is increasing.

In order to contribute its small capacity for a richer and more beautiful Vietnam, HP Global Co., Ltd. was born with the Mission: To provide expert logistics solutions; be personalized, tailored to the needs of each customer and implement those solutions in a meticulously standardized process.

HP GLOBAL is a company providing excellent logistics services at affordable prices

Vision: Become a solidarity and professional team in logistics. Each member and the whole team performed well all commitments; have the respect and appreciation of all customers, partners and members.

Core values: every member and our teams always keep in mind and demonstrate the core values ​​:  Integrity- Dedication- Intelligence 

Philosophy of business: Commitment. In an increasingly fierce and diverse competitive environment, besides essentials ensure excellent service at affordable prices; We always keep our commitment and put our trust first. HP Global committed to accompanying customers to each shipment in any circumstance, whatever shipment has been made with Global HP, we will accompany that shipment until the shipment finishes with in any case

Target: companies across the country have goods import / export activities by sea and air via Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Minh, Da Nang and Quy Nhon border gates ... medium and small international trading company; start-up companies and start implementing import / export activities; companies; medium and large scale factories; corporations; factories in industrial parks and export processing zones; garment and interior processing companies….


Commitment: In addition to ensuring the best service for our customers, we always keep our commitments, putting credibility first. We are committed to accompany customers to the end in each shipment under any circumstances.


Desire to become a united and professional group in the field of logistics. Bringing knowledge, professional and dedicated service style, and creating added values for businesses and the community


Integrity - Dedication - Wisdom


We carry the mission of ambition to bring professionalism, always support and provide customers with tailored logistics solutions that are personalized to bring the best efficiency to customers.


Working experience and big partners


With many years of experience in the industry, HP Global has performed import and export logistics jobs from the simplest jobs, for the smallest shipment to multi-million dollar projects. Completing each shipment, each parcel delivered to the customer is a journey, each of our experiences, customer satisfaction is the best spiritual medicine for us to continue to bring the best prices. for business and the community.

Currently, we operate customs services at ports & airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh. Carrying out import and export procedures for thousands of items with a variety of product policies ranging from simple to complex, which helps us constantly accumulate knowledge and practical experience in handling goods. and flexible in all cases.

Some of the popular items that we carry: household goods; cosmetics; medical equipment; building materials; machinery (new/old); agricultural products, food, production lines, ....


To bring the best service to customers in every situation and every shipment, HP Global is always rigorous in choosing the right partners with full tools to provide the most effective solutions for customers. . HP Global is constantly learning, developing and expanding each relationship to find the most suitable partners.


To support shipping and customs services to bring customers' goods to all countries around the world and vice versa from other countries to Vietnam, the worldwide network is one of the key points that HP Global. Bridge always comes first.

We are proud to say that HP Global is a founding member of GAA (Global Affinity Alliance) of the largest and most prestigious GAA-WCA–Lognet forwarder group globally with more than 6000 members across 200 countries. In addition, HP Global is also part of All World Shipping; guaranteed payment by Freight Dead Beats.






Our most important point in the Relationship is sincerity, commitment and long-term commitment.